Our Training

Advanced Internships, Flight Training, & Industrial Visits.

In this competitive world, it's challenging to get a best-suitable career in the aerial domain, with our innovative flight training we guide the students to enrich their skills with practical courses and they get to learn the most advanced technologies. Using advanced training techniques and tools, we offer real-time training which includes an in-depth understanding of various aerospace industry verticals and enables the students to have hands-on experience.

Industrial Visits to Aerospace companies give you in-depth knowledge about various technologies and you get to know how things work inside the industries and will get to interact with experts who are working on the advanced projects.

Why Internships?
  • Many companies expect students to have experienced even if they are applying for an entry-level job. A student with internships with different companies would have much more knowledge of how companies and businesses work.
  • It certainly makes for a better resume to have work experience especially if you are from a technical background.
  • You will be working on a live project and Internships can also help in building up networks and contacts to many professionals.
  • It bridges the gap between the college and industry practices.
  • You will receive a Project & Training certificate for your time spent with the company.
  • You will get opportunities to work on industry-oriented projects related to rotorcraft, commercial aircraft, military, unmanned aircraft, and many more.