Our Services


In-depth Research, Detailed Analysis, and Robust Products.

Our services include a detailed understanding of the current aviation requirement, as we keep a very close involvement in every step of prototyping, fabrication, and assembly of aviation products. Innovation, Engineering, Collaboration, and Ingenuity these are the key elements that we believe are the principles for our aviation products & services growth.

We have an expert team of researchers, designers, and system engineers who work continuously to help harmonize the aviation industry evolutions and to bring new featured aviation products also focusing on the development and implementation of the Next-Gen Air Transportation System. We work with civil aviation authorities, commercial aircraft industries, airspace users, and the department of defense to advance the safety and efficiency of aviation.

Research & Development

As technology advances, it challenges the infrastructure of existing aviation products and it's crucial that we develop and deploy innovative and practical solutions to enhance aviation systems performance. We offer research and development programs to deliver transformational solutions to overcome aviation's biggest problems and are well-versed in conducting critical aviation R&D. Our expert's research on specifies drones, aircraft, and develop prototype models to meet the current industrial challenges.

Aircraft Design & Prototyping

We use advanced aircraft analysis software, conceptual sketches, and prototyping tools to produce a detailed aircraft design. We design and build a lightweight aircraft prototype by analyzing the overall system's dynamics such as stiffness, stability, and strength; objectives, and existing data. Our experts optimize the design for the best performance by following the below flow:

  • Stability & Control Analysis
  • Detailed Aircraft Performance Analysis
  • Aircraft Modification Analysis
  • Conceptual & Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Geometry Design
Manufacturing of UAV

Using cutting edge unmanned technology, we manufacture autonomous and remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles for civilian and military applications at today's highest standards which can be used to perform mission-critical tasks. We are specialized in manufacturing robust Multi-rotor, Fixed Wing, Single Rotor, and Hybrid Systems. Our manufacturing includes numerous phases such as:

  • Creation of 3-D model
  • Building prototypes & machine preproduction molds
  • Manufacturing machine & composite parts
  • Integrating various payloads & avionics sets
  • Performing flight operations and training sessions
  • Unmanned training and consulting