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Our Services

We Specialize in Designing & Manufacturing Composite & Complex UAV's & Aircraft Structures. Our Services are Research & Development, Aircraft Design & Prototyping, & UAV (Multirotor, Fixed Wing, Single Rotor, Hybrid) Manufacturing.

Research & Development

To meet the current industrial challenges we research on specified drones & develop prototypes, analyze, and deliver them.

Aircraft Design & Prototyping

We design aircraft for various establishments & render prototyping that helps to phase up the manufacturing phase.

Manufacturing of UAV

We manufacture robust UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) as of Multi-rotor, Fixed Wing, Single Rotor, and Hybrid Systems.


We Offer a Wide Range of Innovative & Advanced Drones
- Tricopter, Quadcopter, etc. at the Industry's Best Rates.


Aerolance leveraging best-in-class fabricated aerospace products, services, and solutions. With our wide-ranging expertise and innovative ideas, we develop futuristic aircraft and UAV systems and by stretching the limits of possible, we have achieved the impossible possible in the defense, security, civilian, space, and executive aviation.

How we work

Our Process consists of Extensive Research, In-Depth Analysis, Advanced Processing, & Real-Time Run-Tests.

Phase 01
Identifying the demand and develop all the possible iterations
Phase 02
Finalizing and developing the model that meets the requirements
Phase 03
The model is then subjected to prototyping in CAD, where structural, performance analysis is theoretically obtained
Phase 04
Based on the results from phase 3, we produce an active prototype and collect a range of data for better and more accurate performance.
Phase 05
The final model is then manufactured using additive manufacturing and delivery.

In this competitive world, it's challenging to get a best-suitable career in the aerial domain, with our innovative flight training we guide the students to enrich their skills with practical courses and they get to learn the most advanced technologies. Using advanced training techniques and tools, we offer real-time training which includes an in-depth understanding of various aerospace industry verticals and enables the students to have hands-on experience.